SwingPro Plus Chronograph

- what is BLUETOOTH and what does it do?

Bluetooth is a standard developed by a group of electronics manufacturers that allows any sort of electronic equipment -- from computers and cell phones to keyboards and headphones -- to make its own connections, without wires, cables or any direct action from a user.

SwingPro Plus uses Bluetooth for a reliable and rock solid means to transmit data to and from the transceiver on the bat to the USB transceiver. It can also sent data to a Bluetooth enabled mobile device equipped with Athnetix mobile software. Transmission can be up to 330+ ft between devices in open space.

Although not yet implemented there can be up to 8 transceivers sending and receiving data. Watch for this in the future. With Bluetooth and SwingPro Plus you could also send swing data to a Bluetooth enabled cell phone. The possibilities are unlimited!


SwingPro Plus is a combination software & bluetooth wireless Swing Chronograph. The chronograph can measure swing speed (MPH) and reaction time (hundreds of seconds).

With SwingPro Plus, you can set the pitch speed between 40 to 100 mph to calculate the distance your swing would have hit a ball. Every contributing condition is programmed to calculate your swing distance. Bat weight, age group, pitch speed, swing angle, altitude and swing speed all determine how far you hit a pitch.

Now you can see what would be the best stance to hit a ball the longest distance. Learn how to
switch hit. You may be surprised to see how slow your reaction and swing speed are when you first start to switch hit, but with practice both will improve.

Studies has shown that increasing a players swing speed allows for more time to
wait on a pitch before the swing.

This enables batters to observing the pitch, allowing them to choose better pitches, to recognize the pitch flight pattern, and to establish pitch speed and timing. The result of these elements, therefore, is that the
batter improves his/her overall batting performance by getting more hits, making better contact, and selecting the best pitch for the individual's strength. 

When you make better contact with an increased bat speed, you also hit the ball farther. It been determined by testing that for every
2 mph increase of your swing speed the ball will travel 40 feet further.

SwingPro Plus runs best on a Windows XP PC. It uses a new Bluetooth wireless transceiver that attaches to any bat by a velcro strap. A single 3.7 volt battery operates the transceiver/sensor inside a plastic enclosure.

Radar guns only measure your top speed regardless of where it happen throughout the swing. Who cares if your top speed occurs after the bat has gone through the hitting zone. There's no way to tell where the top speed was measured with a radar gun. SWINGPRO Plus measures your bat speed in 10 msec increments, thus providing a picture of your total swing. Most authorities on batting will tell you that the top speed needs to be within 130 to 180 msec once the swing starts, to make contact for a good hitter. With SWINGPRO Plus you will know exactly where your top speed happens!!

Accelerometer & Microprocessor controlled

Measure the bat speed in MPH
Bluetooth Transceiver connects to an existing USB port.
Transceiver attaches to any bat
Measure the bat reaction time in hundreds of seconds
Full user database for each users information and measurements
Export measurements
Swing Speed current measurement graph
Swing Speed distance graph based on speed, bat size
Swing Reaction current measurement graph
Swing Reaction to pitch speed graph
Adjust pitch speed option
Software available for the Pocket PC mobile device
New Drill (Ring The Bell)
Measure up to a 150G's produced by your swing

XP Home or XP Professional and you are at (sp2) then you already have the Bluetooth drivers required to run SwingPro Plus. Win XP+ dotnet 2.0 or higher
Note:  best viewed a 1024 x 768 display or higher!!


This screen contain information on the current swing measurement.

This window displays both acceleration rate in 10 msec increments and G's (gravities) your swing produces.

The image below is the Best Bat tool.

The Best Bat tool can be used to help determine your swing speed at any point in the swing. By swinging various bat weights you can determine what your ideal bat weight should be. The hitting zone is the area on the plate where the bat makes contact with the ball. This is where you want as much speed as possible and can be determine with this tool. First select the hitting zone (in msec) you want to find the correct bat weight for. Then select the bat weight. If a player can maintain the same bat swing speed with a heavier bat within the hitting zone time, the heavier bat will produce higher batted ball velocity and an increase in distance. Each session of this drill allows you to select up to 5 different bat weights. You can have up to 10 samples (swings) per bat.

High Powered Class 1 330+ ft. Bluetooth dongle that attaches to USB port.
Window drivers are on CD.

 Allow 7-10 days for delivery!

$220 w/o dongle+ Shipping

$245 w/dongle+ Shipping

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